Saturday, April 09, 2005

Back to PACS....

I'm noticing that the Google ads above are governed by the uppermost postings, so they have turned to links for Peter Island and such. So, here is an attempt to reset the list:

PACS, Agfa, RIS, HIS, Amicas, Fuji, GE, Centricity, Radiology, CT, PET, Nuclear Medicine, Siemens, etc.

......These are a few of my favorite things......mixed in with a few of my UNfavorite things.....

(Feel free to click any and all ads...monies generated all go to my favorite charity, the Old Radiologist's Retirement Fund, me being said Old Radiologist!)

By the way, I have just discovered a new remote access program, "logmein", which can be found at: Think "Log Me In" rather than some weird Mandarin dish. The basic version (which allows full remote control, but does not include file transfer) is FREE! It is as functional, and is said to be more secure, than GoToMyPC, which is $15-20 per month. Yes, Windows XP does have remote access built in, but it cannot handle network access across a router as most of us have at home to split up our broadband access. Logmein has no problem with this. Give it a try!

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