Monday, January 09, 2006

...Coming to a Hospital Near You

With apologies to George Lucas, and anyone else who ever had anything to do with Star Wars, including those who watched the movie, not to mention PACS and IT personel around the world...

In a Radiology Department in a Hospital far, far away….


Radiologist NEMA Organic, sends a desperate message for help…..before being taken prisoner by the evil IT Empire aboard its Death SAN…..
Young PACS administrator Luke DICOMmer hears her plea, and together with PACS guru OhbigWAN Pirogue, mounts a frantic search across the enterprise.

They enlist independent service guys LAN SCSI and his sidekick TapeBackup, whom they find at the LossyCompression Canteen. Along with their faithful laptops, QR and ICUP, they take off in the Millenium RadNet to save their helpless heroine.

Watch as they battle DarthRAIDer and the CIO of the IT Empire aboard the Death SAN. Witness the climactic laser pointer battle of good against evil. See studies broken and patients merged. Watch as the fate of the enterprise hangs in the balance!

Coming to your hospital.

May this farce outwit you.

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