Sunday, March 19, 2006

Impax 6.0: Glitch Report

I think Agfa may already know about this, but putting it on the blog guarantees that everyone who matters from Mortsel to Massachusetts will get to see it.

You will perhaps remember the monitor configuration screen:

Well, Windows has its own monitor configuration screen, accessed through the "Display" control panel. One of our stations was set up such that monitor 3 was between 1 and's just the way the cables ran. Windows lets you move the icon representing the monitor to wherever you want it to be, thus matching the physical configuration. Unfortunately, this totally confused Impax 6.0, which tried to place the image panes between monitor 3 and 2. That didn't work very well. After an hour of reinstalling video adapter and monitor drivers (at one point, I rendered the whole station useless and had to LogMeIn into it to get it to work), I just swapped the cables to the offending monitors, and redid the Windows Display setup. Voila! All is well. Maybe Impax 6.5 will take its cues from Windows, rather than attempting to override it. Remember, folks, the market has chosen Windows as the platform of choice; things go more smoothly if we let it do what it wants to do.

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