Friday, December 01, 2006

Prosty the Spokesgland©

Of all the amusing things at this year's RSNA, I think Prosty is certainly the most, well, unique. (Many thanks to Mike Cannavo, the One and Only PACSMan, for finding this little gem!) Now, prostate cancer is very bad business, something that will affect virtually every man that lives long enough to get it. The thrust of the "Manogram" movement is to develop a scan, akin to a mammogram, that will identify prostate cancer while still treatable. PET and ProstaScint are not quite up to the job as yet, and some new technology is desperately needed. Still, when you combine the Ren-and-Stimpy-esque figure with the most amusing cartoon, it becomes difficult to take ol' Prosty seriously.

In case you wanted the lyrics to the Prosty song, I have provided them for you below. Enjoy!

Prosty the Spokesgland

Is a prostate gland, we're told

Buried deep inside largely out of sight

He's ignored by young and old

Prosty the Spokesgland

How we hope that lump's benign

But it's hard to say

Cause the only way

To diagnose and treat is blind

There might just be some cancer

In that lump they found today

But we really can't be sure right now

Cause you can't trust the PSA

Prosty the Spokesgland

Spreads the word on what we need

No more pokes and prods

No more biopsies

How about some imaging?

Prosty the Spokesgland

It's time that we all gave a damn

Cause we know he needs New technologies

Like a hi-tech Man-ogram

Lumpety lump lumpLumpety lump lump

Look at Prosty grow

Lumpety lump lumpLumpety lump lump

No more bending over so

More RSNA news in my next post.....

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