Tuesday, October 09, 2007

To Boldly Go Where No Man Comes Back From....

As DeForest Kelly, Mark Lenard, and James Doohan have discovered, the fame of Star Trek is fleeting at best, and eventually one must shuffle off this mortal coil, and go to the Great Beyond. Of course, James Doohan did indeed make it into space postumously, as his ashes were sent on a suborbital flight along with those of astronaut Gordon Cooper and 200 others.

But short of that, how can a Trekkie take the Star Trek Universe with him or her when he beams off this planet for the last time?

Eternal Image, maker of funerary for the passionate, has the following solutions:

The Star Trek Casket is designed after the photon-torpedo case used as Mr. Spock's casket in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (image courtesy of: http://www.mikedunn.com):

For those so inclined, the 24th century reminescent Urn might be the best place to put your ash(es):

These items will not be available until next year, so please refrain from dying until then.

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Anonymous said...

I am almost done laughing.