Monday, June 01, 2009

Dalai's Goin' To SIIM!

I haven't been to SIIM since it was SCAR, back in 2003. Somehow, the stars didn't align properly until now, and with this year's meeting in nearby Charlotte, I'm planning to be there for at least part of the time.

We have a new addition to the family, Sophie, who is keeping me busy in the meantime. She is a Havanese, a breed that came to this country via Cuban immigrants. We were going to name her "Cohiba", but that didn't seem to fit her personality. At 8 weeks old, she can sit on command, but there are still a few things she does without command that need work.

I do plan to be at SIIM on Friday and Saturday, and I promise, I'm going to spend some time in the educational sessions. But Caveat Vendor, I'm going to be wandering the exhibit floor, looking for the new and the different. If there's anything you think I should have a look at, please let me know in the comment field below.

Sadly, I'm hearing that many companies, such as Fuji/Empiric, won't have a presence at SIIM, a sign of the economic times. Still, there should be a lot to see, and I'm really looking forward to it.

See you in Charlotte!


Lee Lueck said...

I would invite you to add Softek Illuminateto your must-see vendor list. Illuminate is a data-mining and notification plug-and-play for Philips iSite PACS that was introduced at SIIM 2008 and is now being used by a number of hospitals, including the University of Chicago Medical Center. Full disclosure: I work for Softek, but please don't dismiss my comments. Illuminate has caught the attention of a number of radiology trade journals in the past year and most recently had a nice write-up at Radiologists are able to search their PACS and communicate with each other like never before. Please check us out at SIIM 2009 - booth 438 adjacent to Philips.

Anonymous said...

Cute dog... what kind of breed is this?

LD said...

I would recommend you check out the Vital Images booth to see their award winning enterprise-wide advanced visualization solution. /plug :)

Peter said...

Just saw a "work in progress" demo on the McKesson booth this morning, and have to say I'm impressed. I think they've got the right idea on how to closely integrate 3D concepts into the PACS..

Worth a look for yourself.

SpideyKnows_Sales said...

I think Cujo is a good name for the dog. Even has part of Cuba in the name!

A Doc 2 Be said...

THAT is a cute pup! Her things that she does not on command, are her gift to you :)