Friday, July 31, 2009

A Response to "Anonymous" From New York, New York

My request to Amicas was heard, and they promise to put me in a video sometime in the future. Expect it to go viral immediately.

In the meantime, Anonymous from New York City doesn't seem to like my support of Amicas:
Hey Dalai, do you get a paycheck from Amicas? Do you hold any Amicas stock? How about a little disclosure :) Just wondering why you're always helping these guys.Thanks!
Mr. Anonymous, I'll let my alter-ego answer your questions. He will be playing the part of "Amicas" in the short movie, "Amicas and GE." Please enjoy!

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

Priceless! One of your better ones! In all fairness, I can see that other posters point. While I totally agree that it is good to support what you love, and Amicas is definetly one of the better ones, but you do seem to slam the others and rarely ever mention the Amicas shortcomings. They have holes too. Arent they failing miserably at a large hospital install currently? Anyway, I love Amicas, however your perceived one-sided view of them can be interpreted incorrectly by others sometimes.