Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Dalai's Meet Karl Rove

Through the generosity of a friend who had extra tickets, Mrs. Dalai and I had the honor of attending the Republican Party's Silver Elephant Dinner here in our fair Southern State a few months ago.  The keynote speaker was Karl Rove, the "Architect" of the Bush Administration, and as you see, we got to shake his hand and have our photo made with him.  Yes, it's a shocking picture; I almost never wear a suit!  I can just about guarantee we were the only two Jewish folks in the room. 

You can read the report of the speech here, but I can tell you that Mr. Rove is a captivating speaker, with a very humble but powerful style that shows the strength beneath the surface.  A very worthwhile evening, the boneless chicken Marriott nonwithstanding.

I can hear the aneurysms blowing in the brains of my Liberal friends about now.

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Pete Burger said...

You have Liberal friends? There must exist within you a rare ability to bridge the gap between lunacy and sanity.

You and the Mrs make a very loverly couple by the way. Do not wash that hand ever again.