Friday, July 23, 2010

Agfa Fixes Problem!
One Down, 1,000,000 To Go...

In a previous post, I bemoaned the fact that Agfa IMPAX 6.X has about a million buttons with about a zillion permutations as to how they could be arranged. 

This turns out to be more of a problem than I thought.

You see, for the past year or so, we've been experiencing significant lags in PACS response, especially on the workstations with four high-res Barco monitors.  New workstation computers and new back-end software helped to some degree, but the lag was still there. Dr. Killer, our finest and most aggressive power-reader, was fit to be tied.  Even more than usual, that is. 

Now comes word from Waterloo that the etiology of this problem has been discovered.  It seems that years ago, when IMPAX was first installed (it only seems like decades), a customized Radiologist Role was created, adding most of the available tools (see image above) to the toolbars.  That was found to be unwieldy, and unnecessary tools were removed from the rad's accounts.  However, IMPAX, being the really intelligent program that it is, remembers that all of those lovely buttons were once there, and goes through the entire list of buttons each and every time we change a study.  To fix this little problem, all we have to do is delete the Radiologist role (not the radiologist, as some in IT and at Agfa might wish), reset our Application Servers, and then log back in.  Of course, each doc will have to customize the refreshed account all over again.  What fun that will be!   Since mine isn't all that slow, and I appreciate a little break in between studies, I'll probably stick with what I have.

So, tip of the hat to Agfa, and especially the good people in Waterloo.  Many thanks for taking care of this.  Anyone want to fess up as to who wrote this into the software?

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Anonymous said...

> Anyone want to fess up as to who wrote this into the software?

I'm sure he's one of the dearly departed.