Saturday, August 21, 2010

Two Hundred Thousand Hits!

Visitor 200,000 arrived at my blog very early this morning.  He or she was searching for an image of the "O.K. Corral" and stumbled upon my entry of the same name.  The viewer was no doubt disappointed in the contents, although perhaps the old-timey picture below was what they sought:

It only took five and one-half years to get to this point!  Maybe I can accumulate a million hits by, oh, 2020 or so?


Anonymous said...

I to think I'm the proud owner of being "Hit #10,000" along with an actual copy of the bill which hasn't been printed since 1946. I always thought dead President's were on all US Currency...this one is of Salmon P. Chase, although he was US Treasury Secretary and Chief Justice of the US. Wonder if he had anything to do with Chase Bank?

John Lynn said...

Congrats on reaching 200k. I'm sure that visitor was surprised that your site was the one listed. Pretty cool though.