Sunday, January 09, 2011

A 24-Carrot Monitor

More than once, I've predicted something in tongue-in-cheek fashion, only to find my wish to have been fulfilled years later. 

Perhaps you remember this fanciful rendition of my new "reading room"?

Note especially the huge rotating monitors.

Enter Carrot Medical.  Their new C-View monitor system bears an uncanny resemblance to my weird cartoon idea:

From the C-View product description:

See the big picture like never before. Carrot Medical helps you See Better!

C-View changes the inefficiency of multiple monitors with a single 56-inch LCD display that is four times sharper than standard high-definition monitors. The advanced 3840 x 2160 panel has substantially more scanning lines than conventional HD screens for ultra-clear detail

C-View gives you the control and flexibility to:
• Integrate images from as many as 24 sources. (VGA, DVI, coaxial, light or room cameras, etc.)
• Display up to 16 images simultaneously, and expand any image to fill the entire 56-inch panel.
• Use preset configurations to display specified images for optimal size and orientation.
• Add, remove, re-position and re-size images as priorities change during the procedure.
• Control the screen with a variety of input methods. An iPhone app to manage presets from the palm of your hand. There’s an app for that!
I've always wanted an 8 megapixel monitor.  My birthday is rapidly approaching, folks...  No, I don't know how much this lovely Carrot costs.

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