Sunday, April 14, 2013

Did You Ever Wonder...

Mark down Thursday, May 23, on your calendars...that's the date of the next Virtual Conference, and your favorite Doctor Dalai of PACS will have a supporting roll:
"Did You Ever Wonder...Some Musings On What Radiologists REALLY Want Out Of PACS"

Dr. Sam Friedman, the self-proclaimed "Dalai Lama of PACS" shares his (occasionally tongue-in-cheek) views on PACS and how it works (or doesn't) in the hands of the average radiologist. Developed by visionaries and co-opted by Information Technology, PACS had great potential to revolutionize the daily grind of the radiologist, but can just as easily thwart any attempt at efficiency. It would be nice if those who wrote the software actually asked what PACS should do. Did you ever wonder just what that is? The next few moments should cast some light on this mostly-ignored subject.
I hope you will find the entire conference, and my presentation in particular, interesting and informative. I do, however, need your help. Please contact me at doctordalai(AT), and let me know what YOU think! What does your PACS do that you like, and what features do you detest? If you could make your own PACS interface, what would it include? All ideas will be read, and the best will be rewarded with a free mention on this very blog!

Seriously, I would be very grateful for your thoughts on PACS. send them to me at


Thank you!!!!

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