Sunday, August 18, 2013



QR codes have been around quite a while. You can read about their history HERE.  The code above is for this site, Just scan it with your smartphone and the appropriate software, and you'll get right back...Here!

I've come up with yet another million dollar idea that I'm going to give away, and it came to me this morning while reading the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

I still like paper journals.  They are pretty easy to manipulate and they don't take batteries. And I grew up reading them. And we're all familiar with them, and so on.  

But periodically (pun intended) I run across an article I'd like to share. Then we have to go through the joy of searching for the article online and sending the link, or if I'm really feeling stubborn that day, I might just photocopy the paper article onto more paper!

So, here's the idea, it's simple and costs nothing. At the footer of every scholarly article, and maybe just any article, let's place a copy of the QR code! Then, if I want to let my colleagues know about the latest in defecography, all I need do is scan the code and email it or whatever! What a simple way to disseminate information. Did I mention this won't cost anything?

I'm giving this idea away, but if anyone wants to pay me for it, I'll graciously accept.  By the way, here is the code to this blog post in particular:



Anonymous said...

How do I email you Dr Dalai?
I have a specific PACS question that I believe you would be exquisitely able to answer...

I tried finding an actual email link on your blog site but couldnt find an actual email to you...

Anonymous said...

Try doctordalai(at)

Anonymous said...

you will be intesrested by that !:

This addon creates a button in the addon bar that, when clicked, opens a QR code (generated via the Google Charts API) that contains the URL of the tab being viewed. It is useful for quickly opening a webpage on a mobile device, for example.

have a nice day !