Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Visit From The General

Three lovely ladies from GE just stopped by our Centricity site to say hello and listen to me whine. And whine I did. Putting on my pompous a$$ hat, I declared that Centricity does several things that are totally unacceptable in a PACS:
  1. It only allowing two measurements on screen at any one time
  2. All caps and a space after the comma are required for searches; without these elements, you are informed that there are no matching studies.
  3. There is very slow refresh on manual cine'ing through linked studies
  4. No 3D.

They listened very politely, and didn't even laugh. That's the good news. The better news is that whines 2 and 3 are supposed to be fixed in Centricity 2.1, and we will at least be allowed to demo a 3D package, the long-awaited port of AW software. The number of measurements on a screen problem may take a while, however.

Now dear Dalai has nothing to offer but his credibility. I don't just bash because it's fun (although sometimes it is fun), but when I hit a brick wall with a product (or an airline), I can at least vent here on the blog. I promised my visitors that I will accurately relate any and all fixes to my problems. The flip side of course is that I will accurately report if things don't get fixed. I mentioned my blog (even I have to have a little pride), and you should have seen their faces....

"YOU'RE the Dalai Lama?????"

Really, I thought everyone at GE knew. Maybe they were expecting someone better looking. But wait, my photo is over to the left... Oh well, there goes my hiding. Maybe I need a new identity.....how about "Beelzebub's PACS Blog?"


Anonymous said...


you spent a trillion dollars or so on a big PACS vendor with no 3D

we have a small vendor's PACS out of Utah and they have included Voxar an excellent and easy to use (as easy as Vitrea) 3D recon program

I think we win....................

Anonymous said...

That's really a funny story, but the only bad thing is that you don't take a picture of their faces. That will be hilarious.