Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lititz, Pennsylvania
Home to Visitor 30,000!

Image Courtesy of the Pennsylvania Dutch Convention & Visitors Bureau

If you were wondering, Lititz is near Lancaster, and from what I gather, it is a very picturesque spot for shopping and sightseeing.
Visitor 30,000 is a regular, stopping by here at least once a week or so. Is there a hospital in Lititz?
If I were to visit, would I get the key to the city? Oh, well....


Anonymous said...

well there is a Hospital in Lititz, Heart of Lancaster is located there. Glad to hear your like Impax 6.0 I'm a field engineer for AGFA.

Dalai said...

Well, I don't think I said i like Impax 6. It is still full of quirks and obstacles, and it needs a heck of a lot more work. How's the weather up there?