Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What Are You Searching For?
Pssst...PACS companies take notice...

It is no secret that we leave a huge trail behind us when we surf the 'net, nor do I hide the fact that I look at that trail when it leads to my blog.

Many of you come straight here, having no doubt enshrined my address on your link bar. Fortunately, new readers are lured here, I mean stumble fortuitously, upon my blog via Google or other searches. I thought you might find it interesting to see what has led others to these pages. So, here are the Googled words or phrases that led here, as gleaned from the last 500 visits:
"access to medicare imaging act"
"bloomberg competitor"
"quality nighthawk" president
2006 rsna siemens leonardo
3d terrarecon
access to medicare imaging act (multiple)
agfa impax (multiple)
agfa impax 4.5
agfa mitra
agfa pacs web1000 update
agfa pacs worklist
alternative murder
american amic people
amic research associates
amicas jp2 convert dicom
an unexpected error has occurred
anyone have any info on ytb
anyone using meditech workstation on linux
aser 2004 survey emergency radiology
audiovox 6600 intermittently crashing
auntminnie sold
autralian 2007 addresses
barry gutwillig
biograph pet
blog pacs
blog vascular ultrasound discussion board
buggy and two pacs
canon "dynamic imaging" pacs
carbonite hipaa
centricity 3.0
centricity pacs 3.0 demo
centricity web pacs
chain gif
chile pacs 2007 fujifilm
coronary cta credentials physicians
ct armature siemens somatom definition
dalai blog
dalai lama mercury sohard
dalai lama pacs
dalai lama radiology
dalai pacs
dalai refrigerator
deficit reduction act
deficit reduction act diagnostics
deficit reduction act imaging
demo intelerad
demo of centricity pacs
dicom guru
dicom overlay java reader
doctor dalai
doctor dalai blog
doctor dalai impax
dr sam friedman
dra 2005 (multiple)
dra cuts server error
feature fatigue
federal law against self-referral pennsylvania
free efilm unlimited license
fuji pacs negative experiences
fuji pacs unable to view all images
fuji synapse (multiple)
fuji synapse and ruler function
ge pacs server configuration
good it worklist
google auntminnie wet reads
how to mass market ytb
imaging and deficit reduction act
imaging software to read ct coronary angiogram
impax 6 (multiple)
impax 6.0 (multiple)
impax agfa
impax agfa screen grabs
impax sucks
impax viewer (multiple)
is it illegal to give patients money for referrals?
is ytb a pyramid
isite pacs complaints
isite radiology 3.5 upgrade limitations
isite stentor image format
logmein danger
machine alternative medicine scan
madamme tussaud's
magnifying glass
manogram gun sights
matthew morgan pacs
medicare; medicaid; fraud; examples; cases; self referral
meditech magic antiquated
medview auto logout
merge efilm blog
missing link in the chain
mitra context server
multi level marketing ytb fraud
number of mri's in la
pacs blog (multiple)
pacs blogg ge centricity replacements
pacs blogs
pacs centricity
pacs idiots guide
pet scan procedures per capita
philips isite missing images
phillips stentor blog
picom doc scimage
picom manual
picom to dicom conversion
powerscribe mic
powerscribe microphone
precertification and anti-kickback laws
radiologist blog dictaphone
ramsoft pacs
reimbursement for cardiologist...diac ct angiogram pennsylvania
repeal the dra
scams ytb
scan paper documents into pacs
sectra pacs problems
self-referral imaging 2007
siemens biograph 16 reconstruction algorithms
siemens pacs problems
siemens syngo pacs issue
smart client agfa pacs
snorkeling shellfish allergy
stamp on envelope idiot
stentor activex control isite
stentor pacs blogs
stentor pacs problems
step shoot rsna 2006
syngo report awful
terarecon isite
terarecon precision 670
terarecon voxar comparison
treating pets with a rife machine
victorinox israel
why buy a biograph pet/ct
ytb "like amway"
ytb amway
ytb bad idea
ytb good or bad
ytb pyramid scams
ytb pyramid scheme
ytb pyramid scheme investigation
ytb scam (multiple)
ytb scam or pyramid
ytb scams or problems
ytb sites
ytb travel fraud
ytb travel pyramid scam
ytb travel scam
ytb webinar
ytb, scam


Anonymous said...

Shockingly enough, I did not see the words "Lord PACS" in the search terms! Keep up the great work, Dalai!

DanDan said...

I came in under the "Syngo Report Awful" heading, but am leaving through the "snorkeling shellfish allergy" doorway.