Saturday, February 03, 2007

Spam...A Really Bad Idea That Probably Wouldn't Work forget I mentioned it

I hate spam. No, I haven't tried the Hormel version lately, but I'm referring to the unsolicited e-mail garbage we all receive. I get from 20-30 spam e-mails per day, and that is probably a rather low figure. I dutifully report each and every one to, for all the good that doesn't seem to be doing. Sadly, I keep getting more and more each day anyway. Most of it is now the insidious "image spam", wherein the real spamvertisement is hidden in a GIF file. My filters usually catch the images before they can download, which supposedly tells the spammer that he has hit paydirt with your e-mail account.
No one seems to have a solution to this growing problem. After clearing out the 20th spam message this morning, however, a nasty thought occured to me. This is one of those things where the government has to step in and do something. So far, those efforts have been pretty lame, due mainly to the lobbying efforts of the spammers, and other bottom-feeding scum who hide behind the First Amendment. We The People simply need to convince Congress to put a stop to this scourge. Yes, I realize that much comes from off-shore, but there are certainly ways to block this with government help. I'm at a total loss, however, as to how to get Congress' attention. Now, I would never, ever, think of something like everyone in the country forwarding each and every spam to their Congressman (addresses available at or their Senators ( or even the President ( No, I would never suggest such a thing. Certainly our government has more important things to do than deal with something that annoys just about every US citizen, and has the potential to shut down Internet commerce.
Forget I even mentioned it.

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