Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Dalai Embraces Agfa!

Sometimes being a pest can work to your advantage. I've been yowling for years about the various deficiencies in Agfa Impax 6. I am proud to tell you today that they have listened to my ranting, and plan to introduce Version 6.6.6, (which I affectionately call the Dalai Edition) which will solve most if not all of the difficulties we have had with Agfa. This product will supercede most of the other PACS GUI's on the market.

Let me outline what V666 will do:
  1. No more "X-box" errors.
  2. Priors and reports from the earliest days of the archive will be accessible.
  3. Proper function of worklists, with indicators for studies available and already being read
  4. Elimination of possible double-reads due to poor study sequestering
  5. Built-in MPR, 3D, etc, with intuitive function of cursors.
  6. Instant on-line priors.
  7. No decompression artifacts.
  8. Functioning and intuitive hanging protocols.
  9. Intuitive tools, with elimination of mega pallette of crap no one uses
  10. Easy upgrade/patch installation.
  11. Elimination of "toggle" mentality.
  12. Others too numerous to list.

Yes, folks, today, Agfa is my new favorite PACS. They have listened to me, and fixed everything that was wrong with their old systems. V666, the Dalai Edition, will make a believer out of you as it has with me. Starting today, I will begin replacing all of my other systems.

Yes, take GREAT NOTICE of Today's Date, because it's the only time you will hear a statement of this magnitude!


Unknown said...

And, it'll be chock full of Easter Eggs! You'll be able to play all the classic console games of the past - Pong, Space Invaders, and Asteroids!

Although, you may have to wait until SU1 comes out for the games to work properly... :(

Anonymous said...

Speaking of fun games, have you seen yet?

Anonymous said...

SU66.6 will be the products landmark where every user will be happy with the current product. Unfortunately Agfa will quickly release SU67 which will break MANY things