Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sectra Spam

Here's a bit of a lesson in how NOT to advertise.

EXPHYS07 posted a comment to my post Dalai Down South, an article which didn't mention PACS at all, but rather talked about my trip to Costa Rica. EXPHYS07 not only placed his comment somewhat inappropriately, but he managed to post the same thing FOUR TIMES. Here is part of what he said:
Sectra IMTEC, AB and Sectra, NA is a relatively small to mid size PACS company that has the second largest install base in the world. It also boasts one of the best balance sheets in the industry coupled with an intensive collaborative R&D program with top Scandinavia Universities and Medical Imaging Scholars. Their original launch into the PACS market began with a reseller agreement with Philips Medical Systems and within the last 7 years they have launched as an independent company that develops, markets and sells RIS-PACS, Mammography PACS, Ortho PACS coupled with a second division that primarily develops and markets secured communication technology to the Government Sector and boasts a contract with NATO and other ministries of defense contracts around the world...
Feel free to read the rest of the text either in one of the FOUR entries, or on EXPHYS07's blog, appropriately titled PACS, where the first and only post consists of the same text.

EXPHYS07's profile reveals that he works for. . . Sectra. No surprise there. He has even become a follower of my blog, which is very kind. So, some friendly advice in return: Please don't spam. Posting multiple copies of the same text, especially when it is your main blog page, is not cool. Comment once, and just provide a link to your page. That will suffice. And try to attach it to an appropriate post. As near as I could tell, there isn't much in the way of PACS in Costa Rica, although it is quite possible that Sectra has a presence there. Why EX chose that particular article is a mystery to me. Unless he is shooting for the Costa Rican account.

Sectra has a very good PACS, but maybe the company needs to work a little more with its reps on advertising and marketing.

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