Friday, April 24, 2009

. . . Priceless

I've just returned after a few days in Naples, Florida, where we went for my Mother-In-Law's big birthday that ended in zero. (The number was somewhat more impressive than my decade-birthday of a few months ago.) Naples is a great place, with nice people, beautiful beaches, blue ocean vistas, and incredible restaurants. Many thanks to Ray and Rick for recommending Truluck's, truly a find.

Speaking of travel, I tried to discover the disposition of the flight-attendant who became ill on our return trip from Costa Rica. Delta, following strict HIPAA rules (just can't get away from that, it seems) wouldn't tell me a thing, but did send me two in-flight drink coupons for my efforts. I've heard about docs receiving free tickets and such for responding to in-flight emergencies, but that apparently is a thing of the past. But no matter. Let's see.....
  • Spending three hours standing up in the back of the plane ministering to patient with minimal equipment---$14 in drink coupons.
  • Anxiety over the patient's condition---beyond calculation.
  • Knowledge that you did the best you could under the circumstances---Priceless.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting..... this wasn't a bout of the swine flu, was it? Either way, we have endured SARS, Bird Flu and now Swine Flu, any thoughts from you on this?