Wednesday, May 13, 2009 Reviewed!

Slowly but surely, the word spreads about my wonderful blog!

My compadres at the "Radiology Technician Schools" blog took on the difficult task of reviewing 50 radiology blogs
. . . by radiologists, sonographers and industry professionals (which) reveal the ups, downs and nitty gritty details that you would want to read before making a huge decision such as a career path. Check out these top 50 blogs and see if diagnostic imaging is in your future.
Wow. Now, I might be encouraging (or discouraging) someone from entering radiology, radiography, sonography, etc., etc. What responsibility! I'm not sure I'm worthy, but read the review of my site (which was only ranked #4, but to be fair, that's pretty darn good in this rarefied company):
4. Dalai’s PACS Blog – This humorous blog begins with an alternative meaning to the PACS acronym: “Pain and Constant Suffering.” Mixing tongue-in-cheek ad medical analysis, reasons to embrace or avoid medical technology, and more awful medical spam, this site is a buffet of entertainment.
Well, I might have gone so far as to say I'm offering a salad-bar of entertainment. Buffet does sound better, though (except when some relatives of mine pronounce "buffet" as BOO-FAY, but that's another story for another time.)

Many thanks for the kind words. It still amazes me that anyone actually reads this thing, but I'm really glad you do.


Rad Girl said...

Congrats Dr. D! I think you have one of the best blogs in radiology! xoxo

Dalai said...

Aw Shucks........(blush)

Anonymous said...


Somebody should blog about the use of the term Technician instead of the more proper term Technologist.