Sunday, September 13, 2009

An Open Letter To The Board of Imaging Advantage

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I assume you have been following the back-and-forth discussions of your company on the numerous threads. I regret to tell you that Imaging Advantage has not been held in particularly high regard by the radiology community based on those discussions.

We in private practice are not particularly enamoured with what we are seeing. Based on reports on the ground in Toledo, your staffing model does not seem to be working well at all. Apparently, in your earlier endeavours, you were able to keep the existing radiologists in their positions which at least allowed for a semblance of proper coverage. When CRC refused your offers, the plan seemed to deteriorate rapidly.

Your CEO, Mr. Hashim, claimed to have sent a letter to the ACR, and the text was linked to an AuntMinnie thread. I have to wonder if the letter actually was sent, as the ACR did not have any public response. In this letter, Mr. Hashim made several serious allegations against CRC, certainly well beyond what needed to be published in an open forum. Mr. Hashim's letter concluded:

We bring our tools and resources to support local doctors and community hospitals. This may include new technology, optimization of processes and protocols, subspecialty teleradiology services, quality control over-reads, and our unique fractional staffing model. The latter helps radiologists and groups keep their hospital contracts, while significantly enhancing the resources available to the hospitals and patients. Excellence in patient care can be furthered by this symbiotic relationship.
I can't see much of that actually occurring in Toledo.

Your cause has been "championed" on the AuntMinnie threads by a fellow calling himself "dmarkupMD" and then "HEGEMONRAD". To put it bluntly, this is not the sort of publicity you need right now. Under both names, as well as a half-dozen others which are clearly representing the same person, your "new paradigm" has been touted as something well beyond what it truly is. Those who disagree have been insulted and even threatened. The poster displays ideas and attitudes not fit for a representative of a professional organization.

I am respectfully requesting you to publicly disavow any knowledge of or connection with this guy. He is damaging your reputation well beyond any possible repair. If he works for you, I would recommend terminating him immediately, as he has done a great deal of harm to Imaging Advantage.

If Imaging Advantage wishes to discuss their operation with the community of radiologists on AuntMinnie, please do so in an open and above-board manner. I and many others have expressed our opinion of what you are doing and how you are doing it. If you want to portray a different image of your company, we would welcome a civil discussion. What has been attempted through the "dmarkupMD/HEGEMONRAD" character has been anything but civil, or productive for that matter.

Thank you for your attention.


Doctor Dalai,
Private Practice Radiologist

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