Saturday, May 08, 2010

Own A Piece Of PACS History!!!

Watching my kids use their MacBooks was just too much for me.  I had to return from the Dark Side and buy one for myself.  I held out until Apple announced the new MacBook Pro models with the newer Intel processors, and then took the plunge.  I've been very pleased with my new baby so far.  Loading Windows 7 (sigh) was a breeze using the included Boot Camp software, and I was able to get AMICAS versions 5 and 6, and even IMPAX 6 (sigh again) running without difficulty.  Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?

While the new i7 MacBook Pro has lots of stuff on it, the one thing it lacks is an SD card reader, although for some strange reason they chose to include an Express 34 slot.  Not to worry, for $15, (with shipping from Hong Kong, which took less than a week) one can get an SD adapter for the Express 34 slot, which makes this slot useful for me, and I suspect most others.  Here's what I got from eBay:

It pops right through the aluminum spring-hinged door and seats nicely, looking almost like it was born there.  Problem solved.

Anyway, my venerable Precision M90 now needs a home, and I need the revenue to help pay for the new MacBook.  This was a screamer in its day (I bought it from the Dell Refurb site three years ago) with Core Duo 2.33GHz processor, 4GB of RAM, 100GB hard disk spinning at 7200 RPM, wireless card, Bluetooth card, 17" WUXGA screen, nVidea Quadro FX 2500M video card, etc.  It comes with Windows XP Pro loaded on the cleanly wiped disk. (Sorry guys, no secret porn stashes or corporate secrets are to be found, not that there ever were any...)  I had just extended the warranty out to 2012 when the new Macs appeared.

Please visit the eBay auction page,, and bid for this wonderful piece of PACS history!  This is the computer upon which many nasty wonderful posts were written!

OK, it's just a computer, but you'll get a pretty good deal if you Buy It Now!!!!

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