Saturday, December 10, 2011

Water On Mars!
Government To Level Planetary Playing Field??

From Fox:
NASA Rover Finds Convincing Evidence of Water on Ancient Mars

A well-traveled NASA Mars rover has found some of the best evidence yet that water flowed on the Red Planet's surface long ago, researchers announced Wed., Dec. 7. The Opportunity rover, which landed on Mars nearly eight years ago, has discovered a thin, bright mineral vein along the rim of a huge crater called Endeavour. This mineral is almost certainly gypsum that was deposited by liquid water billions of years ago, researchers said.

"This is the single most powerful piece of evidence for liquid water at Mars that has been discovered by the Opportunity rover," Steve Squyres of Cornell University, Opportunity's principal investigator, told reporters here today during the 2011 winter meeting of the American Geophysical Union.

I can see the headlines now...
The Obama Administration announced plans for immediate interplanetary water redistribution yesterday. "The water-gap between rich and poor planets is unfair and unsustainable; it must be addressed immediately," according to an unnamed spokesman...

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