Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dalai Becomes Happy Fuji Customer

Empiric Systems is, or was, a small company that created a very straightforward and usable RIS which we have happily used for many years. Encompass.NET RIS was so well-done that Fujifilm contracted with Empiric to provide a RIS for Synapse PACS, as I reported previously.

Now, Fuji has done the logical thing in this business and purchased Empiric. From their press-release:

November 29, 2008 - Stamford, CT -


Gains further ground in health IT segment and expands breadth of Synapse® portfolio

Stamford, CT, November 29, 2008 – FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA is pleased to announce the acquisition of Empiric Systems, LLC, Morrisville, NC. Fujifilm has acquired 100 percent of the Empiric stock, making the vendor a wholly owned Fujifilm subsidiary. The acquisition is another significant step in Fujifilm’s growth strategy, and a demonstration of the company’s continued commitment to the fields of medical imaging and health information technology.

“Fujifilm is now in command of a fully integrated, Web-based solution for the entire radiology department,” said Bob Cooke, Fujifilm’s Vice President, Network Systems Management. “To meet the diagnostic workflow, efficiency and compliance challenges of today’s radiology environment, healthcare facilities need a fully integrated solution. Fujifilm has already made substantial progress in integrating the Synapse and Empiric applications, and with the acquisition we are now in a position to deliver an even deeper integration that will yield the complete imaging informatics solution that healthcare facilities are seeking.”

I'm a little concerned about the "IN COMMAND" verbage, somewhat reminsecent of Alexander Haig at the White House. Still, I have it on good authority that Fuji will let Empiric continue to function as usual, producing a web-based product (something Fuji also understands) which is usable (something Fuji doesn't understand as well) with excellent service (from the reviews, something Fuji doesn't understand at all).

So, as of now, I am a happy Fujifilm customer. Let's keep it that way, guys.

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