Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dalai Goes To A Gun and Knife Show

A friend invited me to join him at the local Gun and Knife Show, and out of curiosity and boredom, I agreed. This is an event held several times per year at the Shrine Temple, sort of an odd place for a collection of weapons. But it has a large auditorium and every available nook and cranny was filled with armament, military surplus, and books on the topic.

This is definately a cultural experience, highly recommended for those who are interested in weapons as well as people-watching. There were quite a few people to watch, everything from doctors (me and a few others I knew) to vets proudly sporting caps detailing their service, to people of all backgrounds, rallying around the common interests of bearing arms. While there were no signs or posters to this effect, there was a lot of talk in the aisles about rumours of coming gun restrictions. I can promise you that Americans will not take lightly to anything getting between them and their guns.

I managed to leave with my wallet intact, but I was very taken with this little jewel from Taurus:

From the Taurus website:
The "Taurus Judge® " is so named because of the number of judges who carry it into the courtroom for their protection. Capable of chambering both .410 2-1/2" shotshell and .45 Colt Ammunition, this amazing combo gun is ideal for short distances - where most altercations occur, or longer distances with the .45 Colt ammo. We have finely tuned the rifling to spread the shot pattern at close quarters or to guide the .45 cal. bullet to the target. Fully customized with fixed rear sights, fiber optic front sights and Taurus Ribber Grips®, the "Taurus Judge" is one decision-maker that lays down the law.
I was really intrigued with the possibility of using miniature shotgun-shells in a pistol. Kind of like a Swiss Army Pistol, yes? My friend bought a Smith and Wesson .22, "just for fooling around." I plan to be somewhere else when he "fools around" with it.

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