Thursday, November 20, 2008

eRAD Snags "Pryor" Agfa President

The world of Radiology is pretty small, and the world of PACS is even smaller. Thus, the same people (and the same personalities for that matter) seem to reappear in different venues.

I first met Bob Pryor at RSNA 2003, and I remember his mea culpa for Agfa's performance quite well. "We dropped the ball," he stated, "but we're going to pick it up and run with it." And so they did. As you well know, the Impax 6 purchase that was prompted by this admission has been anything but trouble-free, but Agfa has been very willing to work with us, and certainly hasn't thrown a certain blogger to the wolves over negative posts.

Mr. Pryor retired from Agfa recently, and now, he has a new spot:

Image Medical Corporation, parent of eRAD Inc., an industry leader in workflow solutions through its native Web-based RIS/PACS and Diagnostic Imaging Information Management Systems, announced today that Robert S. Pryor has been appointed to Image Medical’s Board of Directors. Pryor had recently served as President of Agfa Healthcare, Americas with responsibility for Agfa’s Imaging and Informatics business throughout the Americas. He had previously held executive positions at Sterling Diagnostic Imaging and in E.I. Dupont’s medical businesses. Roy W. Miller, Image Medical Board member and CEO of eRAD Inc. stated: “Bob Pryor is an outstanding individual with a tremendous business acumen and an extensive knowledge of the diagnostic imaging industry. We are delighted to have him join us in a position of such strategic importance.”

I would imagine that a smaller company like eRAD presents some different challenges and rewards than a big conglomerate like Agfa. I'm sure this new relationship will be beneficial to all involved.

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