Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Have A Nuclear Christmas

This could well be us in a few years...

As found in the Timmins Press, it seems that the Timmins and District Hospital in Timmins, Ontario, Canada, is in need of a new gamma camera for the John P. Larche Medical Imaging and Cardiopulmonary Department. Around here, when I need a new camera, I lobby administration with numerous letters, emails, and other tactics that don't seem to work well anymore. But in Timmins, an appeal to the public seems to do the trick.

This Friday, the hospital will mail 55,000 letters, hoping to raise money for the new scanner. The "Christmas Card Campaign" has raised $622,017 (Canadian, of course) since they started it in 1996, and last year it brought in $48,138. They might need a little more for a decent Nucs camera, though, so I hope everyone will consider contributing to this worthy cause. Please visit http://www.tadhfoundation.com for further information as to where you should send your donation. I'm sure $US would be accepted.

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