Monday, November 26, 2012


YET ANOTHER Blog Spam message from someone at NovaRad in the last hour:
Megan Billard has left a new comment on your post "Practice SafeCT": 
Thank you so much for this great information. As I was looking on the internet for more information on PACS systems I found your site and I don't think there's anything better I could have found. Thank you so much for being clear and concise in the information you share. This really is a great blog. 
And of course, the PACS system link goes to....NovaRad!

If you have to resort to this bottom-feeder tactics like spamming blogs that few people read, your product must REALLY be lacking.

This doesn't even reach the level of an RSNA Naughty Bit.


Anonymous said...

You should pay them a visit at their RSNA booth (#9122 according to their website) and air your grievance.

Jeremie Francois said...

Got it also posted to my 3D printing blog, marked as spam. Poor tactics indeed, as Novarad will most probably get a bad note from google soon - Cheers

RyanL said...

Classic example of what happens when you don't do your due diligence on the firm you outsource your online marketing to.