Sunday, November 25, 2012

Siemens Hat Einen Sehr Großen Kopf

Welcome to RSNA 2012! I shall be serving as your intrepid reporter from the floor, acquainting you with whatever takes my fancy, and that could well stray into the strange and perverse. We'll call this section Dalai's RSNA Naughty Bits.

Many of the BIG Players (but not the LarGEst) have their booths in the old Lakeside building, with Siemens dominating in floorspace and sheer volume of offerings. As an ad for Amyvid, the new Alzheimer's imaging agent, Siemens presents a very large head of an older gentleman, complete with animatronic features, and a screen embedded in the back. The clip doesn't show the animatronic activity quite so well, but the old guy is eerily life-like.

When Siemens gets a Big Head, they do it right.

Stay tuned for more from the frigid wastelands of Chicago!

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