Monday, November 12, 2012

So THIS Is Why I Missed That Lesion...

From Health Imaging:
GE Healthcare has issued a notice to users of its Centricity PACS alerting them that images could be lost when transferring between two or more Centricity PACS systems.

The potential safety issue is related to the Centricity to Centricity (C2C) exam transfer module and affects Centricity PACS versions 3.X, 4.X and higher.

“When another process in the destination server attempts to access the same object or table, the transfer process of a particular image may be terminated,” read GE’s advisory. “Once terminated, the transfer service skips the image being sent, and continues to send the next image in the exam. The loss of an image could result in a mis-diagnosis.”

GE recommended the sending user verify the number of images to be sent with the recipient as users may not notice when an image is skipped during transfer.

The company also said it will provide a patch to 3.2.X and 4.0 systems to address the issue.
Actually, this sounds like a rather isolated problem, but if you have the indicated software, get it patched ASAP!!

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Dalai, thanks for the heads up...