Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas from Doctor Dalai

The Politically-Correct crowd is out of control. Here are some examples of the fear of offending gone haywire:

Microsoft Small Business Center tells how to "Make it a politically correct holiday season: 7 tips".... absolutely serious article!

CNN reports on "Tiptoeing around 'Merry Christmas,' er, 'Happy Holidays'"

ABC News Original Report: "Calling Christmas by Its Name"

This is ridiculous, folks. I'm Jewish, and I guess I'm one of those who is supposed to be offended if someone wishes me "Merry Christmas". I wish someone had asked me about that, because nothing could be further from the truth. While I don't share the beliefs of my Christian friends, I certainly respect those views. It warms my heart to know that my friends want to share their joy at this season. I take the greeting in the loving spirit in which it is offered. No more, no less.

And so to all my readers, I wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and a Happy New Year. Sorry if I left anything out, but you get the idea.

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Anonymous said...


Merry Christmas to you too! And since you'll be celebrating Hannukah (or however one spells it), check this out!

Take care Dr. Sam, and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to you!