Friday, July 03, 2009

The Absolute Worst Commercial Ever Made

I finally got around to installing Internet Explorer 8 a few weeks ago. It seems to work OK, although I'm still having some trouble getting used to the tabs vs. windows thing. IE 8 offers a Private setting that lets you view websites without leaving a path, something some of my readers probably wish they had used over the years.

It seems that some people surf to sites they wouldn't want their spouse to know about. The thesis of the following Microsoft ad is that these sites are horrid enough to make the spouse, well, sick to her stomach. Now, the implication that the likely subject of the unacceptable website makes the wife ill is something I won't even try to deal with.

WARNING: This is a really, really, REALLY disgusting commercial. But it actually did air.

I'm writing this on my son's Macintosh, by the way...

Happy Fourth, everyone!

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