Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ronald Reagan Decries Socialized Medicine

A very prescient statement from 1961 about Socialized Medicine, by then-private citizen Ronald Reagan. It rings totally true today. Under the guise of "liberalism," and "helping the needy," Socialized Medicine was to be snuck into being in this country 48 years ago, just as it is today. Reagan considered this the first step to Socialism overall. Listen to the clip, and I guarantee you will be frightened by the uncanny similarity to today's situation.

Distribute this clip to everyone you know, and especially to your Congressmen. Maybe this juggernaut can still be stopped. Maybe.

Note: someone from a famous advanced imaging company in Minneapolis posted this comment:

Yeah, God forbid we be able to afford health care... Reagan didn't give a damn about the poor and there were a lot more of them by the time he was done.

That's your opinion. How about getting your company to provide some service, eh? Or can we not afford that either? And by the way, thanks ever so much for giving us Senator Al Franken. . .


Anonymous said...

Great post. Sign the petition to support HR 615 @

What's good for the People is good for Congress!

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