Saturday, July 11, 2009

Doctor Dalai Makes The Top 50!

Fooled another one, I guess.

LINDA, writing in the e-Health News Blog on 7/3/08, reviewed the "Top 50 Blogs to Help You Further Your Healthcare Career":
Are you hungry to learn more about radiology, or do you simply want to further your healthcare career? Sometimes, learning is easier when you can enjoy the posts that are entered into a radiologist’s blog. Or, perhaps you soak up knowledge when you can participate in learning modules or community provided by other blogs. Or, if you’re a loner, you can scan through the news blogs listed below.

No matter how you learn, the following top fifty blogs can help you stay in tune with healthcare and help you further your healthcare career. The blogs are divided by categories, and then listed alphabetically within those categories. This is one way we can show our readers that we do not prefer one blog over another. The blogs listed below have been updated within the past two months and are fairly active:
Well. My favorite, Dalai's PACS Blog is listed as #29, although the number apparently doesn't mean anything:
Dalai’s PACS Blog: This blog is written by an “average” Radiologist in an “average” practice in an “average” town in the South. He’s obsessed with PACS systems, and he’s been awarded “Top HealthBlogger for the General Medicine Community.”
Amazing how awards perpetuate awards. The "Top HealthBlogger" thing really doesn't mean much at all, but it does look nice there in the left margin, doesn't it?

There are 49 more (mostly) worthy blogs listed, so be sure to visit those at your convenience.

As for furthering your career, let me give you some advice: by all means, read my blog, but be sure you don't get caught doing so at work! That could be quite detrimental to your future!


Sardonicus said...

Got a link to the top 50 blogs? Can't find it

Dalai said...

Link can also get the link by clicking the title! Thanks!!

Sardonicus said...