Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hey Amicas! I Want A Video Spot, Too!

On the Amicas website, one can find various testimonials to the exceptional nature of their products. Below is a piece from Dr. Tony Toppins, who is a very astute fellow and a fine radiologist:

Over all the time I've worked with Amicas, I've never been asked to do a video for them! So, I asked my, ummm, alter ego to do the honors and make Amicas aware of this little omission:


Sardonicus said...

best laugh I have had today - excellent.

What tool do you use to do these?

Sardonicus said...

I have to say - a satire in this medium featuring MHP/IA/MGH/CRC could be big.

Anonymous said...

i work with tony...this is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dalai, do you get a paycheck from Amicas? Do you hold any Amicas stock? How about a little disclosure :)

Just wondering why you're always helping these guys.