Wednesday, July 01, 2009

PACS Rumours

In my hallowed position as the Dalai Lama of PACS, I am occasionally in receipt of information that cannot be immediately verified. If I'm in a cantankerous mood, I will post it, although now in my older, more mellow years, I do so with the caveat that the stuff is strictly unsubstantiated rumour.

With that disclaimer in mind, here are some new tidbits:

First, word on the street is that GE has been unable to integrate the Dynamic Imaging IntegradWeb GUI to the Centricity back-end or to the IDX RIS. They are still trying to do so, but it ain't working as yet. Another GE purchase bites the dust?

Second, word on a different street indicates that Philips is developing a new PACS, centered around its XIRIS Ris product. It was noted that Philips hasn't done much to Stentor iSite since its purchase several years ago. iSite might just disappear, or perhaps it will be for sale. Then Sectra could buy it!

Third, Agfa has appointed me head of product development. Nah, I made that one up.

Please feel free to comment with rebuttals, additional scuttlebutt, etc. No death-threats, please.


Unknown said...

Sorry my question is nothing to do with the rumors. :) I just want to know, in practice, is it acceptable for doctor to zoom in/out one image not continuously. I mean, only the zoom factor say,0.5 1.0, 2.0,4.0 ... is enough in workstation.
I am a developer, this is very important for me to choose the memory model in programming.



Dalai said...

Every system has a "smooth" zoom, and I would recommend you stick to that. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You don't really want to move to Waterloo, do you?

Anonymous said...

From what i have heard from our GE rep, they have successfully integrated the IW GUI to Centricity, but some features (saving annotations, PIX) do not function.