Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Grumpy Grand Rounds

If you haven't visited the site of fellow blogger Dr. Grumpy (Dr. Grumpy in the House), you should.  Dr. Grumpy is a neurologist whose ". . .patients and practice drive me NUTS!  Some days I’m so sick of patient shenanigans, the stupidity of insurance companies, and just the daily insanity of this field that I write this blog as my gripe forum. I’m a neurologist, and although I practice in an upscale suburban area, I sometimes seem to attract some remarkably “special” folks. I have no idea why. It just seems that weird crap happens to me or my patients. So this is where I vent about it."

This week, Dr. Grumpy hosts Online Grand Rounds.  He asked for submissions of blog posts about "things that make us grumpy," and I provided my post about the Blunder Down Under.  Dr. Grumpy found this grumpy enough to be included, and so it landed in the Grumpy Doctors section.  I really appreciate his introduction to my piece:  "Dr. Dalai, a radiologist who specializes in the "I'm tearing my hairs out by the roots" field of IT, sends in his grumpiness over trying to set up a PACS system."

I would be REALLY grumpy if I had to deal with some of the other issues posted!

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