Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The iPad--Radiology's Sharper Image?

I'm still naive and vain enough to be impressed when something I wrote makes it to a real publication, i.e., a professional operation hoping to sell copy or at least advertising, and not self-published like my blog.

The good people at AdvanceWeb recently asked me to write a piece on the available iPad radiology viewers.  Since their budget didn't allow them to buy me my own iPad, I stole my son's while he was in Australia and proceeded to download any and all viewing apps I could find.  At this stage, most are dedicated to the iPhone, but they work adequately well on the iPad.  There were a few pleasant surprises in this little technical odyssey, including the discovery of Calgary Scientific, which seems to "get it" far better than most in this particular venue.

I have to let you know that the title of the piece was selected by the editors over at AdvanceWeb.  Let's hope the demise of the Sharper Image stores has no bearing on the success of my writing.

To avoid copyright problems, and to keep from having to reproduce the images in the article, I will simply provide you the link to the AdvanceWeb site:

I hope you find it interesting.  Let me know if I've inspired you to go out and buy an iPad!

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