Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Health Care Law Dissected

Note: Tim Farrell is a radiologist practicing in Virginia. In his own words, he's "done a lot research on the 2010 Health Care Act for a lecture I'm giving at a medical meeting in a few weeks. It's taken me several months to complete the research. In preparation, I compiled a lot of notes, put together in outline/text form.

I know that it's lengthy, but in it I've briefly outlined the history of health care reform, reviewed the reasons behind reform and tried to condense the highlights of over 2,500 pages of legislation.The analysis is my opinion, based on my position as an "insider" in the medical profession who has had to deal with the insurance industry and the state and federal legislature for more than 15 years. A lot of it seems like basic common sense to me.

It's an interesting read, if you're into that type of stuff. If not, it will be boring as hell, so it's your decision whether to read it or not. After spending THIS amount of time on it, I know the law about as well as one can (and a good bit of the stuff "going around", is false)."

Without further ado....

Healthcare Law

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