Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another Correct Prediction

In my February, 2008 post titled "A New Cellphone Accessory", I requested that someone invent a combined bluetooth headset and video camera, mocked up as below:

On this occasion, I was only a few years ahead of my time.  Behold the Looxcie (Look-see, get it?) wearable camcorder:

Looxcie takes a sound-bite/tweet approach to video.  It is always on, but if you see something you wish to capture, press the button on the back, and Looxcie saves a clip of the last 30 seconds it, ummmm, saw.  It can also function as a bluetooth headset.

Phone app is now available for Android devices, and support for iPhone and Blackberry is coming soon.

All this can be yours for $199.  Visit


PACSFerret said...

Not so sure about an iPhone app. The ultimate arbiter of all things good and decent (Jobs, sarcasm) has long decreed that any feature allowing clandestine photography is not allowed into the walled garden (even to the point of silent snapping).

SBG23 said...

What a great way to capture crappy customer service.... the ultimate hidden camera.. on the other hand.. kinda creepy that all of this is turning us into info collecting droids. Imagine someone can hack in and turn it on, without the user being aware. Very big brothery... combine this with Onstar listening in on everyone's conversations in the car....yikes